How To Be A Pimp

You probably found this page because you either want to be a pimp or you’re interested in knowing how pimps do what they do. I am going to go into detail about every aspect of the pimp’s life and explain – at least from my perspective – how it all goes down. Keep in mind I am not Iceberg Slim. I am simply a man who lived the pimp life for about five years and although the pimp blood still runs through my veins, I have completely moved on to the next chapter in my life. If you’re reading this and asking yourself what could be better than being a pimp? Don’t get me wrong, being a pimp was some of the best times of my life. But like with anything in the maturity and evolution of one’s self, there comes a time to graduate. I used pimping as a stepping stone in my life to get to where I am today. I still miss turning a bitch out and having them hand me my money. I loved running an escort agency. At the end of the day though, I’ve moved on for good reason. No matter how much I’m tempted to go back to the pimping lifestyle, I remind myself it’s for the best that I moved on.

Pimpin Ain’t Easy

Pimpin ain’t easy though, and I know that’s a cliche but it’s God’s honest truth. There ain’t no business like hoe business but pimpin ain’t easy. haha. Managed to sneak in two cliches in one sentence. The truth is pimpin ain’t easy for many different reasons. When you first get into pimpin and you realize you can turn out any bitch you really want and have them handing you money on a daily basis, it’s a bit of a natural high. But once you’ve done it 100’s of times, or even a hand full of times, it can become really tiring.

There’s some pimps that have been pimpin for over 20 years or perhaps longer, game recognize game – real recognize real, I take my hat off to them with the utmost respect. If I had to do it out of necessity I would no doubt, pimp till I die. However when an opportunity presents itself to get more money in another area of your life after you’ve been pimping for a while, there’s little doubt in my mind that any pimp wouldn’t at least consider the opportunity. I get into full detail about pimpin aint easy not to try and convince any one to stop pimpin, but just to make it clear that it ain’t a 24/7 champagne lifestyle. There’s ups and downs in the pimpin game and I want to give an honest opinion of both.

How Pimps Turn A Bitch Out

The first thing you gotta be able to do as a pimp is turn a bitch out. If you can only grab or steal other bitches from other pimps, no one will respect you and you’re not a pimp – you’re a douche bag. You also can’t turn a bitch out using your fists. If your thing is to physically intimidate bitches into trickin for you then you’re not a pimp, you’re a thug or a gangster. If you’re doing that you’re probably also robbing old ladies for their purse, doing B&E’s, extorting business owners, the whole gambit. A true pimp is someone who gets a bitch to love her pimp, need her pimp, she can leave at any time if she wanted to but she won’t cause life without her pimp is the darkest place in the world for a bitch. She needs her pimp to feel complete. She needs her pimp to eat, to breath and to live.

Being a player is easy, any body can talk a bitch into giving up her ass for one night or have multiple different bitches on the go at any time. However to have those bitches go and turn tricks on a daily basis and bring that money to you so you can stay looking good and living in luxury, that’s the ultimate player – a true pimp. So when you think about pimping, think about it from a perspective of being a player. If you can fuck lots of bitches on a regular basis and shit is easy to you, you may have what it takes to become a pimp. Being a pimp has nothing to do with how big you are, how strong you are or what you can get bitches to do when they’re scared. Pimpin is a mind game and if you can get inside the heart’s and minds of bitches, then you’re ready to become a pimp.

How Pimps Keep Bitches In Check

Now that you’ve turned out a bitch, your job is to keep that bitch in check. If you’ve ever been married or had a girlfriend, you know bitches whine, bitch and complain on a regular basis. You give a bitch an inch, and they’ll take a foot. Every time. You need to know how to keep your bitches in check, and although that means being hard on bitches and not letting them get away with anything, it also means staying close to them emotionally at all times. You can punish a bitch by pushing her outside of your circle, or by kicking her out of the house, but if that bitch is making money you can’t let her stay away for too long because no pimp is irreplaceable. I always thought my game to be 100% tight. My bitches always loved me and I never let them wander too far, we were thick as thieves and I was a pimp 24/7 to those bitches – never took a day off.

One day I had a bitch taken from me from a more experienced pimp and I was devastated. Don’t get me wrong, I could give a fuck about that bitch and I could give a fuck about the money, I had plenty of other bitches working for me at the time. The thing that really stung about having that bitch stole from me was my ego. My ego took a huge hit because I thought my game was air tight. The more experienced pimp expected me to retaliate and get angry at him, cause I was young. But I just told him game recognize game and truth be told I’m just trying nurse my ego back into shape. He must have saw himself in me and we actually became real good friends and he taught me a lot of things about keeping a bitch in check. He really helped me become a better pimp, and that was the first and last bitch that was ever taken from me.

Pimp Stories

The problem though is that a lot of websites try to teach you how to be a pimp by giving you a list of rules or they try and tell you that you gotta do this and that, but the bottom line is that if being a pimp was just a matter of having a checklist in front of you and making sure you’re doing everything on the list, any body could be a pimp. But it’s not like that, being a pimp is about being quick on your feet, being smart, being educated on the ways of pimps and understanding what it takes to be a pimp 24/7.

As I mentioned above I had a more experienced pimp become a close friend of mine and he explained everything I needed to know in order to become a better pimp through stories. He never once said do this or do that, he would just sit me down and tell me a story about a mistake he made or a good decision he made and let me figure out the point of the story for myself. I know every one learns in different ways, but there were a couple different moments in my pimpin career that were really a fork in the road. Things could have gone one way or another, and I made mistakes and I made the right decision in these situations, but I always recognized them as a major turning point. I took time to reflect on my pimp stories and understand whether I made the right decision or not and understand what I did right or wrong in that particular situation. If you want to be a good pimp you need to be able to do the same, self reflection is the difference between making a mistake with one bitch or making the same mistakes again and again with different bitches. If you make a mistake once it’s a headache you’re going to have to deal with. If you make mistakes again and again, it’s going to make pimping one of the most difficult professions on the planet.

The main reason I wanted to make this website was that I had a young buck come up to me a little while and tell me that he was gonna start pimping. I asked him if he knew what he was getting into and he said yeah, so I asked him to tell me what he knows, briefly, about being a pimp. He told me he’s gotta stay fresh, he’s gotta stay fly and he’s gotta be hard on his hoes. I said: son, you got no clue what you’re getting into. But I wish you the best of luck. He said to me, please, I want to know everything you know about pimping but I just laughed. I said…

I ain’t got that kind of time to invest in your pimpin career kid, but what I can tell you is that being a pimp isn’t about staying fly and it’s not about being hard on your bitches. Being a pimp is about finding what a bitch lacks in her life and meeting that need for her. Identify the needs of a bitch and fulfill them – then use that to your advantage and that’s the day you’ll be a pimp.

He looked at me like I just opened up his whole mind and said “respect”. I left and never saw that kid again, so I don’t know how it worked out for him but I always wish I took a little more time to explain the game to him. Make sure he understood. That’s what happened to me, and I didn’t pay it forward as they say. I didn’t take time out of my schedule to help someone else like I was helped. I’m all about giving back and helping pimps out when I can because I love the game with all my heart. So I decided to myself that I would make a website and explain everything I can about pimping. It took me a long time to write all this down but I figured if I can help one young pimp out there or if I can reach out to that one young pimp and explain a few things then it’s all worth while.

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