Bottom Bitch

What Does Bottom Bitch Mean?

Bottom Bitch Definition – Your bottom bitch is your main bitch. A bottom bitch has more responsibilities than other bitches in the stable. A bottom bitch will help recruit new bitches for her pimp, keep current bitches in check, when the pimp is not around the bottom bitch will take an unofficial leadership role with other bitches and the bottom bitch will help train new bitches. Pimps are often more loyal to their bottom bitch than any other bitch. Being the bottom bitch is a priveledge and affords an amount of respect to the bottom bitch that the other bitches kind of envy and can sometimes be jealous of.

For example, a bottom bitch usually knows her pimp better than other bitches in the stable. Seeing how all bitches should be in love with their pimp, it automatically sets up the bottom bitch to be looked up to by other bitches. They naturally follow her lead. If a bottom bitch causes trouble within your stable, you can end up with some very serious problems. So pimps will normally spend the most amount of time and energy on their bottom bitch making sure they are 100% focused on making him money by all means necessary.

Keep your bottom bitch in check and more often than not all other bitches will fall into line. Let your bottom bitch run wild and your whole stable will crumble.

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