Guerilla Pimp

What Is A Guerilla Pimp?

Guerilla Pimp Definition – Guerilla Pimping is when a pimp keeps his bitches in check through using fear, violence and coercion. Most pimps use their minds, not their fists and so a Guerilla Pimp is somewhat looked down upon in pimping because they are unable to control a bitches thoughts without beating a bitch up. Guerilla Pimps are looked down upon quietly, however very rarely would a pimp call another pimp on it. The reason for this is you should never knock another man’s hustle, pimps up – hos down and if another pimp is eating by being a Guerilla Pimp that is his prerogative. A true pimp never knocks any hustle, however when asked for his opinion he would spell out the reasons why Guerilla Pimping is not optimal for any pimp in the game long term.

Sometimes people might refer to Guerilla Pimp as a temporary state of mind. For example, a bitch gets out of line and so “I had to go Guerilla Pimp on that bitch!” however this is using it out of context. All pimps no matter how smooth will beat their bitch for getting out of line. However a smooth pimp does not beat his bitch out of anger, rather he uses beatings as a tool and method of keeping his bitch in check. Temporary anger resulting in beating a bitch would be considered temporarily going Guerilla Pimp on a bitch.

Guerilla Pimping is derived from the term Guerilla warfare.

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