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Any pimp worth his salt will have more than his fair share of good stories to tell. Pimp stories will range from the crazy, to the bizarre. I have done a lot of things in my life and consider pimping to be a defining chapter in my life. I learned a lot through my pimping experiences in not just how to manipulate women or make money, but the pimping stories I’ve got from my years as a pimp have helped me to understand human nature better. My pimp stories have also helped me understand who I am as a person better.

Pimp Story: My First Bitch

My first pimp story that I want to share is about how I turned out my first bitch. It’s an important story in my opinion because I never got at this bitch because I wanted to fuck her, right from the beginning I was trying to make money off of her but I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. My thinking at first was that this bitch was sexy and she should be a model. If she was going to be a model, I should be her manager and get a cut. I started talking to her saying that she should be a model and my player instinct told me that this bitch was no prude, she was a hoe. If I told her she could make money getting fucked by a football team on camera, I could talk her into it. But first and foremost I realized that this bitch wanted to fuck me so I looking at the situation, I thought I could turn this bitch into a porn star and make some money off her ass. Well, the way things ended up was that she did end up fucking a football team and making me a lot of money, there just wasn’t a camera around.

Pimp Story: First Night With Two Bitches

My next pimping story that I wanted to share on this website was the first night where I had two of my bitches living with me together. Now if you’re a pimp and you’ve been in this situation before, you probably know it’s not easy. The bottom bitch feels like she’s losing you to another bitch. The new bitch feels intimidated by the bottom bitch and you got to take control of the situation right away otherwise shit can get out of control very quickly. I actually remember this day like it was yesterday. I remember when I was pimping my bottom bitch alone, which lasted quite a while before I got a new bitch, almost two months of just us.. I remember making a lot of money but thinking to myself I’m not a real pimp. A real pimp has multiple hoes, I’m just a dude that’s making money off of his girlfriend fucking other dudes. That day I started feeling like a real pimp and it was the first day of the rest of my life. It was sink or swim that day and not only did I swim, I became a shark.

Pimp Story: Bitch Fucked Up

When bitches get out of line, it can sometimes be a real messy situaiton. This pimp story I am going to share with you is about a time my bottom bitch got way out of line. It was a day that started with drama but because of the way I handled it, it didn’t end in drama – it ended in her sleeping at the end of my bed kissing my feet telling me how sorry she was and how it will never happen again. That’s one reason why this story is important to me, because I turned that bitch around so quick her head was spinning. She went from thinking she could stand up to me and tell me how things we’re going to be, to kissing my feet begging for forgiveness. But the other reason this story is important is because she was my bottom bitch and I thought we were done, I was ready to kick her out on her ass but something she did made me reconsider. I ended up keeping her around and that bitch from that day on made me more money than any other bitch I ever had.

Pimp Story: Drop A Bitch

The hardest time I ever had being a pimp was when I had to drop a bitch completely. See often times you become a bitches daddy, she becomes dependent on you, she needs you, she loves you and there’s nothing more that a bitch wants out of life then to bring you money and make you happy. When you take that away from a bitch, it can be one of the hardest things they’ve ever had to deal with. Now say a bitch took some money out your pocket when you were sleeping, it’d be easy to beat the shit out of that bitch and throw her out like garbage. But how about when a bitch has been with you for 5 years, she started when she was 32 and fine as fuck, and now she 37 and can’t keep up with your other bitches? She been a good bitch the whole time, very loyal, she even helped you train some of your other bitches who made you a lot of money. But now that bitch old and it’s time for her to go – you know it. I’ve been in that kind of situation a couple times over my pimpin career and it never got any easier.

Pimp Story: Bitch STOLEN

When you have a bitch stolen from you from another pimp it can rip you up. Unlike being cheated on by a wife it’s not that you loved the bitch. In my case when I had a bitch stole from me it was that I didn’t think it was possible. I simply got out pimped by a better, more experienced pimp. But as a pimp, you might have a bitch thats giving you problems or a bitch you recently got that had been a hoe before, or a bitch that for whatever reason is just a shady bitch. If some experienced pimp came along and took her from you, it wouldn’t be the end of the world because you could blame it on a million different things. However if you have a bitch that you turned out and she had been tricking for you for 6 months making you good money and you thought your game was tight with that bitch and then out of no where that bitch don’t come home. You go out and find that bitch and end up realizing you can’t do anything about it cause your bitch chose someone else – it can be real tough. I got around it and made it past it because I got a lot of help from the pimp who stole her from me (of all people!) and so it shook me for a week or two but it no longer bothers me. I hope this story will help show you that one day it will happen to you and how you can get past it.

All of my pimp stories are my personal stories and I was thinking I should add a lot more on here when I get the time to do it because I have a lot of stories that I could share. The point of me posting my stories isn’t so I can brag or I can reminiscing infront of a public audience. Each story I share is for a specific reason and I wish someone had told me similar stories when I was starting out so I could avoid some of the situations I got into or at least have been better prepared. I hope y’all enjoy these pimp stories.

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  1. Spinn 11/12/21

    Thank you for sharing. Please update If you find time. I would like to hear more.

  2. How To Be A Pimp 12/01/26

    Thanks. I will update this when I can. If there’s anything in specific you want to hear more about let me know.

  3. D 12/02/01

    I been knocking bitches with kids lately and wanna hear a story bout that.

  4. How To Be A Pimp 12/02/01

    haaa. See the thing is I never had any kids around the spot. All bitches got moms and if they love you enough and if they’re down enough to get you your paper, you tell them keeping the kid is just going to get in their way of making you money and it’s fuckin wrong having a kid around. it’s best for every one if she drops that kid off at mom’s house.

    see, at one point I had 5 bitches living with me in one apartment, it was a big apartment, 3 bedrooms but still. I think out of those 5 bitches they had 7 kids between them. Now if my policy on kids was that they could stay at the spot, i’d be running a day care.

    if a bitch ain’t willing to leave her kid with her moms or someone else, then she was never down enough to be on my team in the first place. I don’t really have any stories about kids, cause I made them a non-issue but I might add a page under keeping bitches in check about bitches with kids. it’s an important topic.

  5. cblancher 12/02/28

    Pimpin it’s about time you bless us w/ another story!!!

    • How To Be A Pimp 12/03/27

      I’ve been real busy but I will definitely try to add some more stories in the near future. Any topics in particular you’d like to read about?

  6. wheelbarrow 12/04/01

    ***edit: I removed part of this comment to remove promo. I don’t want to allow people promoting their own shit because the comments will become flooded with spam and I don’t have time to moderate it like that.

    I hope this isn’t asking for too much, but can you tell us how much money you earned by being a pimp for 5 years? How did you tell the bitches you were leaving the pimp life behind? Did they react with anger, rage, revenge?

    • How To Be A Pimp 12/04/01

      How much I made is a good question, because like any other business there’s expenses when you’re pimping. Part of being a pimp as explained in the pimp swagger section is having nice stuff and making sure your bitches are looking nice as well. At one point my monthly expenses were close to 30k a month. In my younger days I was pretty dumb with money and wasted a lot of it. Towards the end I had been quietly stashing away the majority of my money. Overall I would say on average I made about 500k a year. I definitely made more than that, but I also made less than that at different times.

      As for how I got out of the game, maybe that’s a good topic for another pimp story because it’s a really long story. I was at a point in my life where karma and doing the right thing became really important to me. I am the type of person who could spend 10 hours a day reading wikipedia, watching documentaries or reading interesting books. The busier business was for me with pimping, the more I started to hate the drama, I started resenting how dumb the bitches who worked for me really were on an intellectual level and so I needed to escape and stimulate my mind. The more I stimulated my mind by learning, I realized that pimping wasn’t for me. I couldn’t get my head around the moral issues. But I DID know I wasn’t about to be broke either.

      After a long withdrawal process I had started a new business, I had somewhat gotten my bitches to be less dependent on me and I handed the reigns to my bottom bitch. I told all my bitches that I was too busy to run the business. I’d still be their daddy but my bottom bitch would be their pimp. They could take or leave it. One of my bitches left, the other two stayed. I kept withdrawing myself from the situation slowly and eventually when I decided I wanted nothing to do with it on any level, I told them all I was out and they were on their own. They seen it coming, but they all took it hard.

      I didn’t talk to any of them for two years after that. After two years, I had signed up for a Facebook account and got a message from by ex bottom bitch and she had told me about 6 months later they all went their own ways. It was kind of sad, but definitely expected.

  7. wheelbarrow 12/04/02

    While we’re on this topic of how much money a pimp can earn, look at this short video I found:

    MANswers: How Much Money Can a Pimp Make?

    The ‘pimp’ in the video claims he keeps 80% cut of whatever his bitches earn and they keep the remaining 20%. That sounds like bullshit, and I think he is a fake pimp for the cameras. He also claims a bitch earns him $560 a day. I think you’re the real deal pimp, can you watch the video and share your assessment of its accuracy?

    • How To Be A Pimp 12/04/05

      The pimp in that video never said the cut is 80%, it was the clinical psychologist who said that. The pimp simply said you could easily make 800k a year. Don “Magic” Juan was a pimp a long time ago, and I’ve seen a lot of these popular pimps in stuff like American Pimp etc and these pimps are another generation. They pimp hoes on track 100%, while I’m not saying a hoe that worked for me has never worked track, the majority of my hoes worked as escorts, not street walkers. Times have changed since he was running his game.

      They assume a bitch is working 8 hours a day, 6 days a week and that you can some how take an average. In reality it doesn’t work like that. If you dog your bitches to the point where they’re fucking 8 guys a day, 6 days a week, they will burn out. When a bitch is working the street she’s in and out, fucks a trick for 2.5 minutes, takes her money and then leaves. Escorts stay for the entire hour and have to provide a certain level of quality service to their clients otherwise they get no repeat customers. 5 is normally the MAXIMUM an escort can see in one day on a regular basis without burning out. But if you have a bitch consistently seeing 5 tricks a day, that means you’re not charging enough. So instead of charging $200/hour, bump it up to $240/hour and have her see one less client, if a bitch can still get 5 clients a day at $240/hour, bump it up again until you find the perfect price model for that individual bitch.

      The other thing I don’t like about their calculations is that they’re assuming a pimp is a machine and can keep 6 bitches fucking 8 hours a day 6 days a week like clock work. It doesn’t work like that. The more your bitches work, the more you have to work and if you have 6 bitches, there’s A LOT of work. You’re naturally going to scale things back a bit to keep your sanity. Overall, I would still suggest you aim for around 500k/year. If you can do 800k/year consistently… I suggest you make your own “How to be a pimp” website and teach other people haha. You’re obviously doing it better than I ever did.

  8. lele 12/08/23

    So, I dated a “Pimp”… Didn’t know off top what he did but I never asked.. my motto was “don’t ask questions” cuz if u deal wit folks in the streets it ain’t no good look. Anyhow, he would drive to me (90) miles.. We’d go to the movies, have dinner, meet up at the club ect. I never met none of his bitches and he’d never have his business around me.
    He always asked how I got money… I’d try to explain but needless to say it wasn’t ho’n. if we was out he’d always kiss me & was affectionate but if other pimps was around he’d like tap me on my back… He always stated he was in love with me that pimps don’t be on this type of shit & I’m fuckin up his game of gettin money… I digged him to but didn’t know how
    take him. He was always honest bout what he was doin but at the end he said he was on me to tough & must pay for his time whatever that meant.
    He said he loved & wasn’t proud of what he did but was trying to get to the next level… He said pimps don’t “make love” or kiss but he def was with me… idk what happened just one day it was over… My question is, is that a pimp game to act as if they care…. Then push one away… I even tried to help him legalize what he did by trying to get websites ect… We all know sex sells but he wasn’t really on it… Did I just turn him off eventually altho he never came at me like that or u think he gained feelings and it’s not in the pimp rules??

    • How To Be A Pimp 12/10/18

      Yeah, I know it might be hard to face it but he was a pimp and he was lying through his teeth. It’s a common tactic to say that kind of stuff and then pull back. He probably figured he got a point where it was now or never, tried to turn you out but you didn’t bite so he cut his losses. Sounds like a bit of an amateur, so don’t think you were being manipulated by some master mind, but definitely don’t believe a word he said.

      Sorry for the late response.

  9. bright_light 12/11/11

    Do you personally think I can turn out a potential p

    • How To Be A Pimp 12/11/12

      I don’t know you so how can I answer that question??

  10. Won2Bchose 12/11/29

    @ HTBAP Yeah Being knocked is not a good feeling that story hit a little close to Home. Me I stay knocking Pro’$, onthe flip side of that coin I stay getting knocked for Pro’$. Got a good catch hand not a good hold hand. Yes that shit sting just like if your Bitch cheated.

  11. Won2Bchose 12/11/29

    @bright_light You cant turn me out, but you can Use your Potential & Choo$e Me a$ your P.

  12. 2FlyyTy 12/12/12

    How can I get in a girl head quick to love me on a pimp level like what type of conversation topics should I bring up and what’s convo killers cause im.more of a quiet laid back dude but I wanna be a pimp so I know I got step it up …any advice pimp?

    • How To Be A Pimp 13/03/16

      Nah, if you don’t know how to get a girl to love u, then u have too much to learn for me to break it down. practice that, get good at it, then u can talk about becoming a pimp.

  13. faye 13/01/25

    Okay so I’m a female and my friend left her pimp and moved with me she was all confident like she was about that life and was going to work regardless of him but now she is acting emotional and I don’t know what to do or tell her to get her to get out there and make her own $ and not need no pimp please help

    • How To Be A Pimp 13/02/01

      Sorry, this is beyond the scope of what I’m capable of answering. If your friend wants to be with her pimp, there’s not a lot you can do. Get her into therapy or something.

  14. bpaige 13/02/15

    whats your new business?

    • How To Be A Pimp 13/02/22

      It’s not something I’m going to go into detail about on here but it’s internet related.

  15. BreannaFlrz 13/02/18

    Hello GENTLEMEN;
    Please excuse my interrupting and putting my 2CENTS IN YOUR conversation.
    BUT, I’d like to speak about the Topic Bitch stolen I think was the Title. With a few Pertinant subjected explanations.
    You know what never mind you see thus far to my knowledge I haven’t had ANY Negative and or Beligerant feed back (Please excuse me fore I am Not the Best speller in the world but I know how to get my Points across and my meanings). And DON’T want any. So I am leave that alone

    • How To Be A Pimp 13/02/22

      Lol you’re a trip… why hit enter if ur just going to say you’re going to leave it alone and not say anything?

  16. mistress 13/02/28

    Listen i been with my pimp going on 7yrs i kinda dont wanna be with him anymore i dont wanna run away like all the others did… i just wanna tell him this isnt working and i want to live my life im so tired of being in a hotel rm 24 hrs 7days a week working my ass off for nothing.. maby 200 out of 5,000 maby if that he always keeps me bummy unless im going out with him… i cant take it im 24 will b 25 this year i been with him since i was 18.. n now he feels like he owns me… i tried to talk to him about it and he bite my bottom lip talking bout i never wanna hear anything like that come out your mouth again i love… buuttttt i dont know if he really does im the bottom i train every bitch that comes threw i feel like i should get a break here and their i play my part for 6 long years… then i feel like he always wants marks on me he like to pinch me like he wants me ugly…. im giving up on this relationship n i dont wanna run away its not like he dont know everybody in my family… n he always says all these other bitches can go but you i gonna look for u ill give u 2days before i find u if that… but its like you’ll go all this way to find me why dont u make it so i wont wanna leave then idk im stressed theirs good days and bad day’s i have stories for days… im more scared he gonna make me kill him honestly… he fuck mad bitches i think thats so dirty ok ima hoe but i dont let no one kiss neither of my lips nor do i let fingers go in me ima clean bitch always have been… im really confused n dont know what to do anymore its like everyone around me is having so much fun even him n im stuck in boring land… only aloud out when he says i cant live like this… n im scared of him he hasnt put his handds on me n like 6 months but what is that compared to all the other yrs he did… i do everything make sure the bitches good make sure their making money n all he does is live the luxery life im erked… then if i leave its gonna b with nothing i wish this man never met me literally he ruined my whole life made me drop out of hih school n everything… wonder if he gone drop me with nothing when i get all old like am i really doing this for nothing this shit real

  17. mistress 13/02/28

    At this point n my life i feel like ive taken more than i can everyone says… i couldnt b you… i dont wanna either then the motherfucer always talking bout how broke he is.. i just gave you 2 staks yesterday 2 stacks the day before 3stacks like boy who u fooling everytime i want something he like go make some money.. bitch i just gave it to u… im really going crazy i feel like im being torchured for being a real loyal bitch i know i dont deserve this and when i met him i wasnt no hoe… i went to school had a part time job a apartment and i had my own car… i was on my own since i was 16 i was a good girl u cant choose your parents.. never turned no trick didnt even think pimping was real… i had a good head on mu shoulder never needed a nigga just wanted a little stress off my shoulders instead i got a fucking pimp… my eyes is open n i keep saying he need to let me go n let me go on good terms and not empty handed i aint beat all these fucking years

    • How To Be A Pimp 13/03/16

      I’m sorry I don’t have time to read this. I skimmed through the whole thing and couldn’t find a question any where. If you wanna leave your pimp, leave him. of course he’s going to say he’s going to track you down etc what do you expect him to say? No prob… see you later? Of course not. At the end of the day I am getting too many comments on this site to go through these exact situations and try and offer an opinion on something when I’m not a therapist, a counselor etc. I don’t know how to solve your problems. I wish you the best. I’m approving this comment because maybe somebody else out there with more time on their hands will be able to help you more.

  18. workforce250 13/03/04

    Reading your “dropping a bitch” entry, I’m share your knowledge that dropping a true one is very hard. I’ve given this one chances and sooner or later show does some dumb shit again. Little shit, like not taking orders. Recently she refused to take a specific order in front of another nigga. Like you said taking a yard and making her own decisions in spite of warnings. She’s good tho, so it’s a dilemma..

    • How To Be A Pimp 13/03/16

      No dilemma there for me, drop her. You put up with bullshit and it will just make your life stressful. Place your faith in your pimp game and replace her.

  19. mebyday 13/03/14

    Mr. Pimp sir, can a woman ask for some insight? First understand my situation, I am committed to a man, a “former” player, who has been a pimp. But now he claims to want nothing more than to settle down with me. Its been three years of ups and downs. He mentioned things like giving massages for money and me making bitches jealous so they could make his money. But in 3 years just small remarks. I can’t say much about his fidelity, but mine is pure. He claims he never cheated, but I simply can’t believe lies. That’s besides the point. Turn me out? Nigga, you get more money if I’m at my best and we could build something solid. So to you I ask (having scanned through your pages) is there another reason to try and turn someone out? And what are the chances that this pimp at heart could truly appreaciate my dedication without him thinking he has to break me with deceit and mind games. I don’t know much about the game. He called our love square, and accused me of chosing up. Why would he say that if he is not tryna make me a hoe.I swear I can’t recognize the truth in his mouth.

    • How To Be A Pimp 13/03/16

      I really don’t know when it comes to these one off situations. If he’s joking, it’s not a joke I’d make with someone I wanted to wife. If I was serious about wanting to wife someone, I’m not going to joke around about turning her out. But I don’t know this dood, maybe that’s his sense of humor. I don’t have the answers to these questions. Trust your gut.