Pimp Story: Bitch Fucked Up

One of the hardest decisions I ever had to make was my bottom bitch made a mistake that I thought even my newest of bitches would never make. She tried to punk me in front of a friend of mine. I never took attitude from any of my bitches at any time. I explained to them thoroughly if they have an issue with me, there is a time and place they can speak their mind. The cardinal rule was always that time or place was not in front of any one else, including my other bitches. Now if we were sitting around talking and one of my bitches mentioned something she doesn’t like in front of my other bitches, I wouldn’t have a problem with that as long as she wasn’t stating something I didn’t know about and she wasn’t trying to find a resolution to the problem right then and there. For example, if I’m sitting there in front of 2 or more of my bitches and one mentions how she hates that I make her do something, and I already knew about it, and she was just casually mentioning it in conversation that’s OK. Had I not known about it, or had she made it an issue with me directly in front of other bitches, that’s a big no-no.

In this situation it wasn’t just in front of other bitches, I had a friend over chilling at my place and we were watching TV. The conversation some how came up that I owned my bitches. They had two choices, my way or the highway. ┬áIf they didn’t like what I chose to do with them, their mind or their body they had to pack their shit and leave right away. My friend had said something like “well there’s gotta be limits on that” and I said no, no limits. If I tell one of my bitches to fuck you right now, she will. I can give their pussy away for free if I want. It’s my pussy, not theirs. He started laughing and I was just really making an example, I had no intention of seeing it through but my bottom bitch while we were laughing about this kind of rolled her eyes and my friend said “oh shit, don’t seem like she agree with you dog”. I looked at her and asked if she had something to say, to which I expected her to just say “No, daddy”. But to my complete surprise this bitch said “this pussy ain’t free, sorry”. At this point I was kind of shocked, but I saw it as game over. It’s not that she wouldn’t fuck who ever I told her to fuck, but it’s the fact that she’s trying to act tough towards me and best of all, in front of my friend. At this point I had no choice, I told the bitch to go pack her bags and get out. She thought I was joking at first but I didn’t crack a smile and I sat there and waited for her to get up. When she realized I was serious she started to have tears running down her face and started to plea, asking me if I’m serious, how could I kick her out, she thought we were just talking. At this point my friend even tried to interject and say he didn’t take offense or anything, we were just talking etc. I told him to stay out of it, it had nothing to do with him and wasn’t his fault. This was between me and her. I then told her that she had 30 seconds to get the fuck out of the apartment and someone would drop her shit outside the door.

At this point I was at a mix between angry and shocked. I mean this bitch made me a lot of money and I didn’t want to let her go, but I knew my other bitches were watching and I wasn’t about to show any weakness. I knew that if I didn’t kick this bitch out, it’d open up a flood gate with all of my bitches thinking they can get away with what ever they want when ever they want. Had this situation been smoothed over sooner, or had she not said anything it could have been looked over. But when she decided to speak in front of my other bitches and in front of my friend and directly contradict me, it wasn’t something I could let slide. I ruled with an iron fist that day and had the bitch outside within 30 seconds. At this point she was crying and begging me to let her stay saying she’ll do whatever I tell her to do. I just closed the door in her face. I went back to the couch and just acted like nothing happened, but in all reality my head was spinning – she was my bottom bitch and a big part of my operation. I had 3 other bitches in the apartment at this time, and I asked all of them “any one else got a problem?” and they all said “no daddy” and that was that.

My friend looked at me and laughed and said “yo that shit was crazy”. I kind of shook my head and said fuck it I’ll worry about the consequences later. We started playing video games and about 2 hours later we had ordered some pizza and when my friend opened the door to get the pizza he told me the bitch was still there crying. I told him to close the door. A while later he was ready to bounce and as he was leaving I saw her there sitting outside the door myself. She was in the fetal position and looked like she was crying like a baby the entire night. I asked her if she still thought her pussy was gold and laughed. She said “No daddy, I’m sorry” or something like that. My friend turned to me and said yo man, let her back in, this ain’t right. He obviously didn’t know how to be a pimp, he was just a good friend of mine from back in the day and so I told him will you make the situation right? He kind of looked at me like he knew what I was saying but didn’t want to make any assumptions. I just nodded back letting him know I was serious and told the bitch to get inside. She picked herself up off the ground and started walking inside, I told her to get back on her knees and crawl inside.

Once the bitch was inside I kind of realized I gotta make an example of her. Like I mentioned I had 3 other bitches in the apartment and they were all watching what was about to happen. What I decided was that I was going to be so harsh on this bitch to make sure all of them saw what happens when someone tries to punk me or thinks my word isn’t true. Once she crawled inside I told her to crawl into the living room. I went over there and pulled the coffee table out of the middle of the room. I told that bitch to strip naked which she did right away. Once she was done I asked her again, you gonna do everything you’re told to do? She replied yes daddy. So I was sitting there with my friend who I knew wanted to fuck this bitch, but just making her fuck him wasn’t enough. I didn’t need to prove a point at this time, I needed to humiliate her. I called the other three bitches into the living room and told them all to sit down. My bitches never wore clothes in the apartment so they were all naked when they came in and they all knew something was up. I told the bitch to start sucking dick, so she started to crawl over to me, to which I said no, go to him.

She looked at me and realized I was really going to make her do this so went over to him and pulled his dick out his pants and started sucking on it. I told him when he was ready he could fuck her, so after what seemed like a really short amount of time, only 5 minutes or so he told her to spin around and started fucking her doggy style right there on the living room floor in front of all of us.

I told one of my other bitches to put her feet up in the air, and then told the bitch getting fucked to kiss her feet. She was crying at this point but started sucking on my other bitches toes and kissing the bottom of her feet. As she was doing this I started explaining to her, you’re going to get fucked, and kiss every one’s feet to remind yourself that your pussy is mine and you’re not better then no one. All my bitches are on the same level, and that’s at my feet. If you wanna act like a idiot, you’re going to be kicked out. After she was done kissing the feet of the first bitch I told the next bitch to stick her feet out so the bitch getting fucked could suck on her toes. I continued to explain that when she tries to punk me in front of other people she’s not only disrespecting myself, she’s disrespecting my other bitches and she’s disrespecting herself. If she wants to disrespect herself I was going to disrespect her as well. I kept explaining how pissed off I was and by this point she had my feet in her mouth kissing them while she had my friend fucking her hard from behind. He didn’t last very long, but maybe 5 minutes later he busted all over her back, looked like he hadn’t had sex in months cause his cum shot all the way up into her hair. After that I told her to go to the washroom with my friend and help him shower like she normally would with me.

After my friend had left I then told her that when ever I had a friend come over from now on, if she wanted to stay, she would be offered to every single friend of mine if they felt like fucking her – for free. I made sure I explained this in front of all of the other bitches in the apartment. I never once made a bitch fuck someone for free before that, and if you think I over reacted I absolutely did.

The point of this story is sometimes you need to over react. Be HARD on your bitches. I could have gotten up when she rolled her eyes, smacked her up and then sent her to a room. But that’s NOT pimping. That’s physically dominating a woman which any man can do. What I did was I removed myself from her life, and then said if she wants to come back she needs to do every single thing I say. I had to be prepared to let that bitch walk, if I acted like I needed that bitch on my team I would have lost respect from every bitch in the apartment that night. Instead they saw that their pimp doesn’t play games. He literally controls their pussy and can give it away for free if he wants to.

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