Pimp Story: My First Bitch

Pimping your first bitch is a bit of the blind leading the blind. I mean it would never seem that way to your bitch, otherwise you wouldn’t be a pimp. But there were a lot of times where I didn’t really know what I was doing, or rather I should say I wasn’t 100% sure if I was doing things the right away. I had spent a lot of time trying to convince my bitch that she would always be my bottom bitch, that I would get other bitches to work for me and I had to have a relationship with them but it was me and her against the world and nobody would ever come between us. I remember thinking I don’t know how this is going to play out when I have other bitches. I also remember thinking that none of what I am saying is true, but I knew that pimping wasn’t about telling your bitch the truth.

Pimping White Girls Makes Money

Pimping White Girls Makes Money

This bitch though was really sexy. To give you a little background on this bitch she was about 5’8, blonde hair, blue eyes, naturally busty and slim. A good comparison to her would be Marissa Miller, because she had a really sexy face, tall, nice breasts and she had a nice ass for a white girl.  Her parents emigrated from Poland when she was 2 years old and had no other family here. When she was 5 her parents went out for dinner and left her with a baby sitter and got in a car accident where they both died. The state contacted her family in Poland and gave them two options, they could send her back there to live or they could put her up for adoption. The family decided that it was better to put her up for adoption as she’d have more choices and a better life living here rather than back home.

Her adopted family ended up being a night mare though, she was adopted by a white family. Her adopted father was an accountant and her adopted mother was a secretary for a law firm. Her adopted father started sexually molesting her at the age of 8, and by the age of 13 she couldn’t take it any more. He had gone from just inappropriately touching her when she was 8, to having dry sex with her at 13. She was forced to suck his dick, give him hand jobs all kinds of sick shit. All of this happened when the adopted mother was sleeping. Her adopted father would come into her room and force her to do this stuff with him and told her that if she told any one he would kill both her and her adopted step mother. So needless to say this bitch was fucked in the head.

At age 13 she reported him to the cops and a friend of hers from school asked her parents if she could live with them, to which the parents agreed. So they became her guardians but her friends father was no saint either. He would come home drunk sometimes and beat them all up. He’d give the two girls spankings on their bare ass for no reason. When both of them were 18 they moved out together and were working in the mall at a kiosk that sold picture frames.

As for myself I was young, I was about 23 years old and still had no clue what I was going to do with my life. I never held a “real job” and knew I never would. I was trying to become a photographer but business was slow. I made enough money to pay the rent and party on the weekend, but I was thinking about doing Sports Illustrated type photo shoots in the Caribbean, but instead all I could find work doing was  weddings and taking pictures of families in parks. I wasn’t feeling it at all but was still trying to put my life together so I saw it as temporary work that saved me from having to go to a cubicle every day.

I had a friend who owned a small strip club and he was always talking about making money off of bitches. He was a very smooth, he had a way about him that instilled confidence. He’d have bitches come in looking to find work at the club and while I’m in his office talking to him he’d conduct his interviews that went a little something like this…


Nervous laugh followed by “Thanks, do you think I can work here?”


She’d make her way over to the desk and turn around for him, he’d slap her ass, get a firm grip and then look over at me…


I always got the impression these girls expected nothing like this. They expected to walk in and explain their experience or whatever and then maybe have to put on a bathing suit or something to show their body but they expected someone professional and ended up getting groped and felt up. They all went along with it because he didn’t do it in a rude way, he was giving them compliments, he was telling them how sexy they were and he never asked for permission. Had he stopped and said, would it be okay if I felt your ass? Probably every single one would say no, but he did it like he was entitled to it and he didn’t try and stick his hands down their pants and shove his fingers inside their pussy, he was just doing what a guy does, giving it a couple smacks and grabbing a nice tight grip. He also wasn’t some old pervert, he was young and good looking. I learned a lot from this friend of mine on how to deal with women and inspire confidence in them.

The reason I explained all of the above is because it put me in the mind frame to realize how lame being a wedding photographer was. I would go out to clubs and never had a problem getting laid, but I would have to play the nice guy routine. I wouldn’t walk up to a bitch and tell her to bend over and show me her ass and tell her that her ass is amazing. I would sit there nodding and smiling and laughing while a bitch would talk. Then ask her to dance, then kiss her, then grab her by the end and lead her out of the club. that was my M.O.

When I met my bottom bitch I was in the mall in the store she was working in and I was in a pimp state of mind. I started talking to her and telling her that she could make a lot of money working with me. She asked me what type of work and I explained I was a photographer and thinking I could get her some photo shoots. She asked me how much they pay and I had no money to give her and I didn’t have any jobs so I told her I could build up a portfolio for her and get her some work. She cut through the bullshit and realized I said she wouldn’t make any money. At this point I realized she hadn’t walked away from me though, she was still talking to me and so I thought to myself this bitch must like me.

I ended up explaining to her that I had a lot of connections and if she was willing to do whatever, she could make a lot of money. The less she was willing to do, the less work I could get her. She read between the lines and realized I was talking about “adult” work and said she’d have to think about it. I said no problem and left it at that, I gave her my number and told her to call me once she had thought it over. I walked out of there feeling like I had a huge fish on the line and I lost the line.  I wasn’t discouraged though, I just said to myself I know what I want to do now. I am going to say fuck it and try and get bitches to make me money one way or another, still with prostitution and pimping pretty far from my mind.

Later that day I got a phone call, and to my surprise it was the bitch from the mall calling me back saying she wanted to meet up for dinner to talk. I was really surprised, I really thought when I walked out of there the chances of her calling me were close to zero but she did show interest and here she was calling me back. I was kind of lost as to what to do. I didn’t know if I should sell her hard, or if I should just sit back and listen to what she has to say or what the game plan should be when I met up with her. I went to the strip club to talk to my friend because he had a lot of experience with stuff like this and I really looked up to him in a sense. My friend told me right then and there to stop with the business bullshit, I explained the whole story to him and he told me that bitch wants you. A pimp doesn’t sell a bitch on dollars, a pimp gets a bitch to love him then pimps her. It was the best advice I ever got.

I met up with the bitch for dinner and she said she wanted to talk more about business. I kind of skated around that answer by explaining I had a lot of connections and it was a matter of if I wanted to work with her or not. I had kind of lost interest when she just took my number earlier and so now I’m doing a full 360 in one day. She apologized and explained about how she was at work etc. I took her apologies and lead the conversation away from business by asking her to tell me all about her and what she likes and doesn’t like. I spoke very little but made sure it didn’t seem that way. I would ask her questions and chime in every now and then but I wouldn’t take over the conversation while she still had more to say. If she went silent I’d talk a little then end it with a new question. We sat in the restaurant for almost 3 hours and finally I said let’s go, and she asked where we were going and I told her my place.

I got up and put my jacket on. She looked like she wasn’t sure but followed my lead out to my car. I took her to my place and she talked the whole way home, but once we got inside I started kissing her then I ended up fucking the shit out of her. This was the first time I had sex where I felt like I was working. Not in a bad way, not in the sense that I didn’t want to fuck this bitch. Or not in the sense like I felt like I had to do whatever she wanted me to do. I fucked her like I was in control and I was taking her down. But it was work because I knew this couldn’t be no one minute man performance. I knew I had to make her cum as many times as possible and fuck her till her eyes rolled into the back of her head. I nailed it to perfection (pun intended). That night she “came” at least 5 times. I came twice.

From that night on I had this bitch under my thumb. The dynamic between us was about making money, but more importantly she felt a deep strong connection between us. I fucked her for another week, hardly ever leaving the apartment, she quit her job simply by never going back again. I fucked her at least 5 times a day for a week. After a week we had been together 24/7 fucking 5 times a day and I could tell her feelings for me were like no one she had ever felt before and so I told her I loved her. She looked surprised and happy all at once and told me she loved me too. Once I had her in the bag telling me she loved me it was time to put that bitch to work.

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  1. jbenz 12/11/14

    Yo. I appreciate your articles and find them very educational. Please endure some bullshit about me. I’m a 5’6″ 18 year old caucasian male from the suburbs (unlikely pimp, right?) who got kicked out of schools for fights, dropped out, has a record, can’t get a job, likes to box, lives for excitement and is looking up to you for advice. I feel you on the whole meeting bitches, playin em, bringin em back to the crib, kissin em n fuckin the shit out of em. That’s my routine. I know how to make bitches love me. You just make em cum like crazy, right? haha. My problems though are that I’m afraid of std’s because I can’t compete in boxing if I’m hiv positive, so how can I pimp hos without getting std’s? Is it possible to trick hos but not fuck em? Cuz I don’t want to be fuckin some junkie ass bitch who fucks 10 dudes a day, no offense to anybody who does. I just want them to pay me. What I could potentially offer to my bitches is shelter and protection cuz I’ll take somebody off the face of the earth if they fuck with my investment. Is that enough? Also, I like the strategy you used to trick your first ho. Mind if I try it out? All your advice is appreciated and I’ll be stopping back here periodically cuz I wanna start trickin hos. You sound like the type of dude who spends a lot of time fuckin bitches n gettin money and I respect that but once again thanks for the advice. Later

    • How To Be A Pimp 12/11/14

      Nah, absolutely not. 5’6″, 18 year old white kid from the suburbs? No prob. Pimps can in all different shapes and sizes and it doesn’t matter if you have it in you. Can you pimp a bitch without fucking her? No you can not.

      One thing you need to keep in mind is that you can run an escort agency, where you take 40% of the cut. You run the ads, you take care of security, etc and the bitches just work for you like any other business that has contractors working for them. That’s not what this website is about, this website is about pimping. There is no way to pimp a bitch without having a sexual relationship with her. The second you remove a pimp having sex with his bitch, you remove the game from the relationship. It’s like asking if you can have a girlfriend without ever fucking her and not for religious reasons, but because you think fucking her is disgusting. A pimp is everything to his bitch, you can’t be everything if you don’t fuck her.

      Now with that being said, talking about HIV you’re way off. I never had a junkie in my stable. I did mention at one point on this website some of them may have addictions like heroine or cocaine, but none of my bitches ever used drugs on a regular basis when they were with me. They were all clean. I refer to a clean junkie as a junkie because once a junkie always a junkie, but I never had any nasty bitches working for me.

      If you don’t like the idea of a bitch making you money all day fucking and sucking and then you having to fuck her, then it’s not really going to work for you. It’s not easy, I never liked the idea of my bitches doing that then coming home, but it was necessary. So with that being said I just made some basic ground rules all my bitches knew about.

      (1) All of my bitches the second they got home they took off their clothes at the door, came and handed me my money and then they had to shower, brush their teeth all of that. I wouldn’t take a kiss on the cheek until they had been fully scrubbed down.

      (2) The next rule was that they all knew I would never have sex without a condom, I would wear a condom when they sucking my dick. I told them that I had a friend that died from AIDS and I had never and would never have sex without a condom. Lots of times they wanted me to fuck without a condom “just once” but I never ever did. I also told them they could never ever have sex without a condom with a trick. They had to use condoms for giving head and of course for sex. I lost a lot of business because of this because a lot of bitches will give head to clients without a condom, but I wasn’t about to allow that in my stable.

      (3) They were told to never ever talk about specific clients with me. When I would train a new bitch I would train a bitch by telling her what to talk about, how to have the room prepared, what to expect etc. But they would never be allowed to come home and tell me about some trick they fucked earlier in the day. It was completely off limits and they all knew very well they would get a serious punishment if they even let a small detail of a trick slip unless they had my explicit permission to do so. If they had a specific trick they wanted to talk about they could talk among themselves about it but not with me.

      Now with the above in mind, the chance of getting aids is next to nothing if you’re doing everything above. The chances of herpes or gonorrhea is what you need to be worried about. You got a pretty good chance of getting HPV virus, but if you’re smart and stick to your rules your chances of full blown herpes is pretty low. If you get checked regularly and have your bitches checked regularly then gonorrhea is something that you can deal with it if it comes up.

      In all my days I managed to stay 100% clean. I don’t have any STDs at all.

      As for being a tough guy, there’s really no need to be tough when you’re a pimp. If you can box it won’t hurt you in any way, but it’s not a requirement of being a pimp or running an escort agency. The only time I needed to offer some type of physical protection for any of my bitches was when their ex boyfriends, fathers, brothers etc tried coming after them I had to stand between that but I was never worried in any of those types of situations. Some people think pimping is about chasing a trick down to get money when he rips off your bitch, but that shit never happens. If a bitch gets ripped off, it’s her fault. I don’t go chasing married men who got their dick sucked from a whore for $200. Not even worth my time, I find out how it happened, how it could have been prevented, punish the bitch if necessary and move on.

      • BreannaFlrz 13/03/11

        Hello MR HOW TO BE A PIMP;
        Asides from me keep telling you how much I like and appreciate your TRUTHFULNESS I wish that I could come up with better words to express it.
        Fore there are so many, SO MANY PIMPS out there that say that they WOULDN’T have ANY, ANY type of sex with thier Ho’s Not even with someone elses d (if that was at all possible).
        There are also those that claim to have NEVER EVER HAD SEX with ANY of thier Hoes NOT even the Ones that have been with them for QUITE A NUMBER OF YEARS.
        I could be wrong but the ones that state these things causes me and I am sure others to Wonder IF they AREN’T HAVING SEX WITH THEIR WOMEN THEN WHO ARE THEY HAVING SEX WITH ( I apologize but I’ve got to say this Are they sexin other women, are they Under cover Brothers, are they masterbating or what. No, I am not asking you for the answer I am just saying what has went through my mind as well as other peoples maybe when something like this is stated.
        Do they not Know, Realize and or Understand that Women are sensual people. We WANT, NEED AND CRAVE BEING TOUCHED, CARESSED, CUDDLED AND WHATEVER MUSHY STUFF GOES ALONG WITH IT.

  2. MrMakithappen 13/01/27

    I must say such powerful insight into a world thats unseen and misunderstood if looking threw a squares eye.. Process of error is the only way this game is learned and made profitable. I haven’t been is this business a whole hand yet but i must say it isnt easy and you have to be smart and patient. Nothing comes over night and truly us as 16s we must keep to the codes and not give insight into The World…. This is a business and in every corp you strive for better in one self as well as a whole..

    • How To Be A Pimp 13/02/01

      You’re about to spin off this planet.. I hardly understood anything you said – if there was a question somewhere in there, please paraphrase it in plainer language.