Pimp Swagger

One of the most important parts about being a pimp is the pimp swagger. Pimp swagger is something you must have at all times. There are a lot of reasons for this but the main reason is in order for bitches to respect you, they have to know that you’re above them. A bitch will turn tricks for you if she’s in love with you even if you’re broke, but she will begin to resent you for it. She will think that you’re dragging her down and keeping her from her goals and dreams. If you’re pimp fresh at all times, your bitches will think that you’re elevating them to your level by being around you. This includes both your clothes, car and where you live. But it also includes your pimp confidence and mentality. If you’re wearing old clothes and your car is breaking down and you live in a shitty apartment, bitches are going to resent you for it.

The main thing that bitches will see when they look at you, is your clothes and how fresh you are. This is very important that you’re wearing clothes that are clean and fresh. Women in general want their man to look good. Most of the time when it’s a man’s birthday or Christmas comes around, their wife or girlfriend will buy them clothes. Not all of the time but it’s the most common thing. The reason being is that women want their man to look good, and most men neglect this. Women want their man to not only look good, but look good beside them. If you’ve got 100k stashed away but your sneakers have holes in them, bitches won’t respect you even if they see that money. They will look at you on a daily basis as someone who they’re ashamed to be with. So make no mistake, even if your game is tight and you’ve got your bitches in check, make sure your stay fresh and clean. This includes having fresh clothes, getting regular hair cuts, manicures and pedicures, everything to stay as fresh as possible. You want to look as good or better than your bitches at all times.

The next most important thing in terms of pimp swagger is your ride and your home. You don’t need a pink Cadillac in order to be a pimp, but a Rav4 won’t cut it either. If you don’t have the money, fake it till you got it. Leasing a base model Mercedes is better than buying a car cash for 5k. If you can’t get a lease and you’re on a tight budget, get a bitch who has good credit and lease it in her name. The same goes for your crib, it’s all good to say in the hood. If you’re BK no need to move to upper east side in order to be a pimp. But make sure the inside of your house has shit that bitches don’t have. Get a big screen TV, leather couch, nice coffee table, king size bed, xbox 360, playstation 3 and a movie collection. That’s all it really takes. you just have to have the kind of shit that someone who doesn’t have any cash wouldn’t have. If you can fill up a small one bedroom apartment with nice stuff bitches will see that and respect it. If you’ve got a blow up air mattress and no other furniture, again, they will continue to turn tricks for you but they will eventually resent you for it and leave you. Bitches want to be around nice things, they don’t necessarily need to be in nice neighborhoods or huge apartments, but just having nice stuff in a small apartment is enough for them to feel like you’ve got everything you want/need even if you’re dreaming of the 2 bedroom apartment on the upper east side.

Pimp confidence is another aspect about pimp swagger that is sometimes over looked. Pimp confidence is a lot different than other types of confidence. When I say pimp confidence I am not talking about your ability to go and talk to women and turn them out. All pimps have that otherwise they wouldn’t be pimps. When I say pimp confidence I am talking about the confidence that your bitches have in you due to your swagger. When you’re a 4 or 5 year old kid your father is the biggest, best and strongest man in the world. You look up to your father as though he’s super-human. It doesn’t matter if your father is actually a drunk or a loser, when you’re a kid you got these goggles on that make your father look like he’s the best. Bitches need to have that same kind of confidence in you, they look up to you and they don’t even notice the negative things about you but they make you super-human for the ┬áthing you do. It’s actually very easy to get to this point with a bitch and the main trick is simply having an answer for everything. When a bitch has questions, problems or concerns you always have an answer that is well thought out and makes sense to the bitch. If it doesn’t make sense to her right away, you need to take the time – ever time – to explain it to the bitch till she does understand.

A pimp’s mentality also has a lot to do with pimp swagger. A pimp believes he should not have to lift a finger to make money and he thinks that every one around him owes him money. A pimp’s mentality is about having a sense of entitlement in life. You know you’re not some average Joe and you know that you’re smarter than most people around you and so they are in a sense leeching off of you. A pimp never sees himself as leeching off of his bitches, his bitches are leeching off of him. A pimp will never go outside of the pimp mentality and start looking at or discussing topics from another perspective. A pimp will always spend every moment he’s awake to furthering his cause of becoming a bigger better pimp. Everything that you learn as a pimp is applied to your pimping. You don’t have a separate life from your pimping life. If you are reading a book about Ghandi and you’re inspired by it, it’s a lesson learned on how to inspire your bitches. Not a lesson learned on how to bring conflict to peace. If you’re playing video games while your bitch is cleaning your house, you’re relaxing cause you’ve had a hard day and that bitch is paying her rent and making her pimp happy. You’re not slacking off while she’s busting her ass. If you don’t have a strong sense of your pimp mentality at all times, your bitches will find you at moments when you’re weak and off your game and start a conversation with you that will fuck your game up. Always stay within your pimp mentality so you don’t get caught slipping.

If you can keep your pimp swagger turned on at all times then you’re ahead of the game. Bitches won’t be able to catch you when you’re off your game because you’re always on. Bitches will find that everything you tell them is perfect and solidified, there are no chinks in your armor. In order to be a pimp with multiple bitches you need to be this solid and hard working. If not you’re going to end up with constant problems and bitches causing trouble all the time. You’ll end up choking a bitch every other day and then you’re locked up on some trumped up domestic assault charges.

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  1. cblancher 12/02/15

    Pimpin I’ve got a nother question for you, I’d like to know how you Handel a bitch thats been in the game before & thinks she is smarter than you?

    Also how do you let them know that trying to get sympathy from me ain’t gonna work?

  2. How To Be A Pimp 12/02/15

    The first thing is you need to make sure she isn’t smarter than you. I think if you’ve read everything on this site, which it seems like you have, she probably isn’t. If a bitch has been in the game longer than you, it’s possible you can learn somethings from her and there’s no problem admitting that to her. As long as you’re the pimp and she’s the bitch and she knows when and where it’s okay to let you know her opinion. Let the bitch know that just cause she has more experience, it doesn’t make her the pimp. You’re the pimp and she’s YOUR bitch. If she wants to help her pimp, she can. You let her know how you’re willing to accept her help.

    Most of the time a bitch will think she’s smart because she has the better answer. I remember this one story that went something like this. A pimp is walking down a trail with his bitch, it’s a dead end. To the right is a paradise with everything you need. To the left is a sharp cliff. The pimp says to his bitch, let’s go left. The bitch says “daddy, that’s a cliff! Let’s go right!”. Looks like the bitch is right till the pimp says “It costs $100 to get into that paradise and we have no money on us. See that brief case at the bottom of the cliff, it’s got $200 in it. Let’s go get that money so we can get into the paradise after.”

    The point of that story is it seems like there’s one clear cut choice, the bitch think she knows best. But even when going down a steep cliff vs walking right up to paradise is the choice, the pimp still knows that going down the steep cliff is the right choice. If you’re telling your bitch to go down the cliff, and she keeps talking about how you’re making the wrong choice, you need to show her that your choices are on point.

    The other thing you need to do with bitches is let them know they’re beneath you. Once you explain why you’re going down the cliff first, and she admits she’s wrong, tell her to kiss your feet before you do anything else. Let her know her place, psychologically get her to admit to herself that she’s beneath you.

    The number one way a bitch thinks she’s smarter than you, without naturally being smarter than you, is by withholding information. You need to sit down with your bitch and figure out everything she knows about the game. Ask her everything. Don’t make it seem like you’re trying to learn everything she knows. Make it seem like she’s shown you she thinks she knows more, and so you want her to put it on the table. Once you know everything she knows, she’s got no reason to think she knows more than you do. It’s the same as when you’re driving and the person sitting passenger side is giving directions, but instead of telling you the directions they want to tell you what turn to make as they come. “Make a left here, make a right there, left, etc”. You get into a situation like that as a pimp, what you need to do is turn the fucking car off and park. Ask them exactly where you’re going, how you’re getting there, get them to draw a map if you have to. There’s no way you can be the pimp when she’s rationing out the information. You need to know exactly where you’re going, how to get there, what she thinks is the best way to get there and everything else relevant to the situation.

    As for sympathy, the easiest way to show that them that they won’t get any sympathy is by not giving them any sympathy. At some point on this site I talked about not giving a bitch an inch. This is a perfect example, if a bitch thinks she can get sympathy from you by doing something, she will use that to manipulate you constantly. It really depends what they’re doing to get the sympathy. If they’re constantly bringing up some shit from the past and getting all emotional about it because they know you’ll hold them and listen to them, after you’ve initially dealt with it and heard out her problems let her know that the two of you are going to talk once a week, once a month – whatever – about her issues. That’s the time to bring it up and she can’t get emotional about it outside of those times. Think about it like a therapist, a therapist is going to have meetings and set times when he talks to his patient. If it’s an emergency – like a suicide – sure, they’ll make themselves available but short of that wait till your next meeting. A patient doesn’t get to bring up their issues with their therapist whenever they feel like it, the same way a bitch can’t bring up her issues with her pimp whenever she feels like it.

    If the sympathy doesn’t have anything real to it, like for example she comes up short and wants to give you a long story on why, how hard she tried, that’s just when you need to be hard on your bitches. That’s how to be a pimp. Do not ever listen to bullshit stories. They do as they are told and if they don’t, punish them. Punish them emotionally, punish the verbally, punish them physically, it doesn’t matter but make sure you punish them and make sure they know what they’re being punished for.

  3. cblancher 12/02/16

    Pimpin, What do you do if a bitch hits you?

  4. How To Be A Pimp 12/02/16

    I can’t say I’ve ever been in that situation. If a bitch hits you she’s running wild and she has no respect for you. I mean maybe she’s been drinking and you said some shit that really pissed her off, I still can’t imagine a situation where one of my bitches would have hit me. With that being said you definitely shouldn’t hit her back, if she’s hysterical I’d physically hold her down so she couldn’t hit me, but I wouldn’t get into a fight with one of my bitches.

    I would either drop the bitch on the spot and send her packing or I would have a very long talk where she knows she’s in the wrong and apologizing sincerely, in that case I’d punish her thoroughly for a very long time making she never does it again. If a bitch hit me in front of one of my other bitches, I can’t imagine not dropping her right away.

  5. cblancher 12/02/16

    Pimpin what about the bitch’s baby daddy’s how do you Handel these situations chump ain’t said shit to you but causing hoe’s to loose focus?

    • How To Be A Pimp 12/03/27

      Cut off communication and break hell loose if you catch her talking to him. Show the bitch that everything wrong in her life (emotional pain, past, being broke, etc) is because of him and everything right in her life (direction, purpose, money) is because of you. Show her that movie Casino and tell her you’re Ace with a big dick and that other bitch is Lester Diamond with a small dick. However you relate it to her make sure she understands (a) that she’s better off with you in every sense of the word and (b) you’re gonna go Guerrilla Pimp on a bitch if you catch her talking to him. At the end of the day if she loves someone else there’s nothing you can do, make the maximum amount of money from her you can and be prepared to cut your loses.

  6. cblancher 12/05/22

    Please provide more info on the style of dress required for bitchs to choose you? Eg. Colors, suites, shoes, hair style any pointers would help…

    Thanks again big bra!!!!

    • How To Be A Pimp 12/05/24

      This is really 100% up to you. A lot of people think a pimp needs suits and a cane and a pink Cadillac but I know you know that isn’t true. When I say stay fresh, I mean do it within your own style. Some young pimps wear skinny jeans, others wear jerseys – I can’t even comment on what the young bloods are doing.

      My style is just casual. I wear designer jeans, undershirt, sports jacket. Everything from my socks to my shirt are all designer. I also have a bit of flash, I have a collection of watches. And I wear three diamond studded rings, two on the left hand and one on the right. It’s all low key except the flash, I’m not the over the top kind of guy.

      The bottom line is just do you to the max. If you like wearing jerseys, get that rare throwback off of eBay. If you’re low key like me, it’s OK to wear a blank t-shirt, but make sure the tag on the inside doesn’t say Hanes.

  7. cblancher 12/05/25

    I recently tryed to find a good ring but failed, please point me in a direction to get some good flash..

    • How To Be A Pimp 12/05/25

      I would recommend buying online. Check out eBay.com. Nothing wrong with buying some used flash when you’re first getting started out. I’d also recommend checking out pawn shops. Get to know them, leave your number behind and tell them to call you when they have something nice that they need to get rid of quickly. Last but not least, I also recommend ItsHot.com. They got some really nice stuff and the prices are relatively competitive.

  8. cblancher 12/05/29

    What type of diamonds do you recommend for the ring, princess cut? Going for the flash that works need to dazzle and baffle.. Also any thoughts on ring/ bracelet Combo.

    • How To Be A Pimp 12/05/29

      I don’t mean to brush you off, but it’s really just a matter of how much you can afford and what’s your style. Once you got cash in hand, find a jeweler who you like and ask them for advice. I can tell you my personal style but it’s not going to do you any good, you gotta do you.